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Whether it's a lively latte with a sumptuous Welsh cake or a relaxing cup of tea, we promise you will enjoy our company and friendly chit-chat.


We're proud to serve the best tasting coffee in the most beautiful of settings. Come on in to see why everything we serve is made with love!


You will find us at Betws-y-Coed Garden Nursery on Holyhead Road in arguably the most beautiful village in Snowdonia.

The Garden Coffee Company Presents...

... coffee with character, style and quality. You won't find a better bean to pep up your day. 

We specialise in the best coffee brewed with love from the Arabicas and the Robustas through to the Typicas and Bourbons. Dependent on the time of the year and the quality of the harvest we will vary the ingredients to ensure we bring you the best tasting coffee possible.

Typically our brews include beans from flavoursome El Salvador where the coffee is sweet and creamy with dried fruit, citrus, chocolate and caramel notes. Guatemalan coffees range from sweet with cocoa and toffee notes or floral coffees that display a crisp acidity. And Columbian coffees are rich and full bodied with an almost tropical and exotic taste which never fails to satisfy.

Now come and enjoy something rather special
  • Cappuccino - The most harmonious ratio of coffee to milk.
  • Caffe Latte -  Milder in taste and heavy on milk.
  • Flat White - Similar to Cappuccino with stronger flavour and less foam.
  • Breve - Replaces half the milk with single cream. Sweet!
  • Caffe Macchiato - Just a touch of milk foam on Espresso.
  • Caffe Mocha - A coffee and dark chocolate taste sensation.
  • Espresso Con Panna - Velvety whipped cream added to your favourite Cappuccino, Latte or Mocha.
  • Americano - A brew similar in strength to filter coffee but with some of the 'mmm' of an espresso.
  • Romano - A simple lemon twist lends a fresh, citrussy undertone to the espresso - a potent classic.
  • Red Eye - A kick start to the day with invigorating caffeine content.
  • Sassy Molasses - With an extract used to flavour root beers. Very interesting.
  • Kasier Melange - Austrian receipe with egg yolk and coffee.

Please ask for our coffee and drinks menu on your arrival.

We also have a sumptuous selection of seasonal home baked savouries and cakes to complement your coffee...


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